February Jams 🎼🎼🎼!

Hi Oakland Pole and Dance!!

Last month we asked you for your favorite songs to dance to… what is hot for your right now!

Here is our playlist that was recommended by you and your peers:

Oakland Pole and Dance February Jams!

Also, many of you were in love with the music from our Aerial Affair Student Showcase. Here is the playlist from the showcase:

Aerial Affair Showcase Playlist

Keep it Rocking Oakland!!! 🎸

Oakland Pole and Dance Goes to Golden Gate Pole Competition!

Last weekend, Pole Sport Organization (insert line) hosted the 2019 Golden Gate Pole Championship, THE regional event for Bay Area pole dancing.

PSO has created regional competitions around the world that feature many different styles of pole dancing: from Exotic to Dramatic and everything in-between.  In this year's competition 5 dancers took the stage to represent Oakland Pole and Dance!

We caught up with our competitors to ask them what their favorite thing about the competition was and here were their answers. Enjoy!

Raquel Tancioco 

Oakland Pole and Dance Student 


“My favorite things from the competition are how supportive everyone is, people you don't know are cheering you on and telling you how great your routine went! I also loved seeing the Master/Grand Master's in L1+. So inspiring! I too hope to continue to love pole until I'm old and grey!”

Nicole Oaks

Oakland Pole and Dance Student 


"I loved the sense of “togetherness” that the competition brings. It was nice to be able to connect with other people that I usually would never get the chance to know. Pole sport brings a lot of different backgrounds, and it’s interesting to find out what brought other people to pole fitness."

Joshuah Aurora Ciafardone

Oakland Pole and Dance Instructor


"Most of my gigs require me to do sexy numbers which I love, but it was really special for me to have somewhere to do an emotional contemporary dance number with a great audience."

Maxine Anderson

Oakland Pole and Dance Instructor


"I loved bonding with my fellow competitors during the weeks, days and even moments before we all performed. We had a blast helping each other bedazzle our costumes, talking through technical issues, and coaching/stretching our teammates backstage before going on."

Kissy Wan

Oakland Pole and Dance Instructor


"I loved all the love and support from all my love ones inside and outside the pole community."

Curious to give competing a try! Well your in luck. In 2019, PSO Nationals Championship will be hosted in the Bay Area in August if you would like your moment in the lights. Oakland Pole and Dance will feature two group routine series and a routine building workshop in July and August specifically geared at those competitions. Can't wait to see YOU break a stilletto on the stage!

Winner of our Tell Us Your Story Giveaway - Candace Laxamana


This past month we held a drawer where 1 lucky winner would receive two tickets to the Sold Out SF Movements Arts Festival at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. We asked clients to email us with their Pole/Aerial Dance story to be entered to win.

Our Lucky winner was Candace Laxamana!!!

Here is the story Candace so graciously shared with us and allowed us to share with you!

I started pole back in November of 2018 because some of my girlfriends have been taking classes in Oakland. I took one class and was hooked, although I could only do turns and could not yet climb or invert. I live in the Mission and had to find a studio near me and SF Pole and Dance showed up. I found a morning foundations class that worked for me, with Sammy. After two classes with her, I found her enthusiasm and support so inspiring, I bought a pole for my bedroom so I could condition. I soon found myself going to choreo classes at SFPD every week and just living a more happier life. My grandma passed away unexpectedly right before the holidays (I swear there's a happy/funny ending here, don't be too sad). I focused a lot of my energy into my activities, such as biking, climbing, and most importantly pole. At my grandmother's wake, a lot of family members and friends commented on how fit I have become and how good I looked. Because I did not know how my old fashioned elders would take my pole dancing passion, I simply said I've been taking dance classes, but my mother interjected before I could finish and said proudly, "She's actually pole dancing, she's really good and she's really strong, you should see her dance." Having my own mother be so supportive of my passion for pole was the highlight of a very sad day. Something I hope and aim to do while pole dancing is to destigmatize the art. Those who judge, simply do not know the joy and therapy it can bring to so many people.

I am so thankful for this accepting and loving community.


Candy Mae