Get to Know Your Instructors: Angel Marie

Everyone has a “Pole Story” in what brought pole into their lives and how pole has helped forge their path. Here we will be sharing those stories and answers to questions that all of you want to know about your favorite Oakland Pole and Dance instructors and how they got to where they are today.


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Here are the questions we asked Angel Marie….

What does your training bag look like? What are the things you never leave home without when you go to train?
I feel like I have a Mary Poppins training bag filled with so many goodies! Thereaband, Rubberbanditz, massage stick, a variety of balls for rolling out, knee pads, hair ties, chapsticks, leg warmers, Dry Hands, Tite Grip for before the Dry Hands, and probably a few tank tops, sports bras, or other items I changed into or out of and forgot to take out. Whoops!

 Right before you go onto to stage to perform what  do you do to get hyped up?
No lie, I'm usually listening to "Lose Yourself" by Eminem in my oversized headphones. Hooded Hip Hop ninja over my rhinestoned two-piece.

What inspires you most? 
The music and the stories I want to tell. Most of the tricks I know are because I had them visioned to fit to a particular part of a song that I was choreographing and said, "How do you do that thing where..." with some descriptor like, "Its an explosive kicky windmill thing! You know?!"

How long does it take you to choreograph a piece? 
3-4 months. Between learning new tricks, deciding on pole passes, adding in the floorwork, dance breaks, and musicality bits, then reworking each pole pass 2 or 3 times (minimum) then finally getting to the point where my body can manage to do it all without gassing out! I always forget how long the particular stamina training for each piece takes even past the choreographing and memorizing.

 How many takes does it really take for the awesome videos that you post on Instagram?
Mine aren't all awesome and I LOVE posting fail videos leading up to the success! It is important to remember that we all share the same frustrations along the way.

 What are your favorite things to do in your warm up? 
Shoulders, shoulders, shoulders, shoulders... shoulders. Small circles forward, small circles backwards, field goals up and down for the rotator cuff, and arm waves. And when I do my own personal training warm-up, plank push-up shoulder shrugs and thereaband stretches holding the band shoulder width apart and engaging shoulders to lift the band up and over the head backwards and forwards

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 What are your favorite accounts to follow on Instagram
@polelols all the way! And I love following hashtags of moves that I want to try. Learning that you can put #pd in front of any pole move name and see all of those posts... Changed. My. Life. #pdbutterfly #pdhandspring #pdshouldermountvariation

 What does your cool down look like? 
Sitting in simple stretches like a butterfly or pidgeon while scrolling, clipping, and posting my training footage from the day :)

What is the most difficult thing about keeping up with your training? Most rewarding? 
The most difficult part for me is my bodies ability to recover and keep up with my daily full-time dancing and fitness profession, teaching sometimes 30+ hours a week, then still having the ability to train more myself between being fatigued, sore, and overworked. Listening to my body and resting when it needs it is SO important and I am not good at it. 

The most rewarding, as so many would agree, is seeing your body do something that it could not do before or that you may have even thought was impossible. It makes you feel like you can take on the world!

What do you have coming down the pipeline in the future that’s exciting and you like to share? 
At the end of June I will be traveling to my hometown in Pennsylvania and competing in Philly for my 12th pole competition. AND... my dad is coming :) This will be his first time watching me compete.

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Thank you Angel for chatting with us and we are so excited to have you as part of our Oakland Pole and Dance Family!!

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