Pole Foundations (Intro)

Pole foundations is our beginner level class, and is the right class to take for anyone who has never taken pole dance class before. If you are nervous to take the leap, you are in good company!

Your instructor will break down all the fundamental moves that you’ll need to build a solid foundation.


Pole L2 (Beginner+)

Perfect what you learned in Pole Foundations while also incorporating leg hangs, cupid, basic invert, and climbing variations into your pole dance lexicon.

We’ll begin to build the foundation for intermediate pole moves such as basic inversion, butterfly, shoulder mount, and caterpillar climbs.

Pre-requisite: Ability to climb to the top of the pole using a half bracket grip


Pole L3 (Intermediate)

Pole L3 is meant for students who can perform a clean inversion from the ground, and hold both an inside leg hang and an outside leg hang from one knee, hands free. Students in L3 will work on tricks such as shoulder mount, spin pole ascensions such as side climb and half bracket hold, reverse grab variations, and extended butterfly variations.

The instructor will break down these intermediate tricks into small pieces so that advanced beginners and intermediate students alike will receive progressions for their movement.


Pole L4 (Advanced)

Pole L4 is meant for advanced level pole dance students. Pole L4 students should be able to do a clean shoulder mount from the ground and be working on aerial shoulder mount and aerial inversions. We will also condition handspring variations, shoulder mount variations, brass monkey and ayesha descents.


Pole L5 – (Pre-Professional)

Pole L5 is our most advanced level and students tend to have multiple years of pole under their belts. In order to join Pole L5, you should feel comfortable performing an aerial shoulder mount, backbend hold on the ground with heels flat and enter a handspring without jumping. L5 students will focus on lines, combination creation, and advanced level tricks.


Sexy Choreography

During this class you will learn a choreographed dance routine in a dynamic, thready, and sultry style. This class will help you learn leg waves, thread throughs, weaves, floor twists and drop splits. We will focus on combining sexy choreography in heels. Learn to slink and slither!

Heels and knee pads are strongly encouraged.


Russian Exotic Foundations

This class will explore the foundational movements of Russian Exotic style. You will learn elements such as leg and body waves, leg tracing and threading, floor work shapes, and playing with momentum to control flow and movement quality.

*Heels and kneepads are required


Russian Exotic (L2+)

Deepen your exploration of Russian Exotic style pole dance! In this class, we will focus on intermediate and advanced Russian Exotic movements, concepts, and tricks and then link them together in sequences of choreography. We will play with leg waves, leg tracing, threading, jumping, floor work shapes and throws using momentum to slow down/speed up movement through complex base work.


Tricks Clinic (All Levels)

Calling all tricksters! Bring your pole resolutions to class and your instructor will help you breakdown the fundamentals to unlock success. In this all levels Tricks Clinic class, we will work on some of the latest tricks going around the internet to build our repertoire. Each class will end with a freestyle dance.


Spin Pole (Mixed Level)

Pull out your pins! We’ll work on progressions of spin pole movements in this class. Whether you are learning basic spin inversions and flow or practicing a layback to reverse ayesha, this class is multi-level and we’ve got new trick variations for you. In each class, we’ll learn a small combo combining an ascent, trick, transition and descent that we’ll dance out at the end of class.


Hott Seat

Dust off those heels and strap yourself into the Hotttt Seat as you transform your metal chair into a sturdy partner. This floorwork-based chair dance class is sure to get you conditioned and learning new choreography. Stick with it each week, as we build choreographed dance and flow to a new song every few weeks. Knee pads are recommended. 


Twerk class is a one-hour, cardio-based dance class. For the first 15 minutes we'll warm up with a mix of cardio and flexibility. From there we'll work on twerk technique, mixed with about a minute of choreography that includes twerk and hip-hop. Be prepared to sweat.

*Booty Shorts and Knee Pads are recommended

Intro to Straps

Aerial Straps is a cross between gymnastics rings and aerial silks, and is one of the hardest aerial apparatus’ to conquer.
We will spend the first half of the class on strength and conditioning and then develop skills and combos adapted to each student’s strength and skill level in the second half of class. Movements include balances, presses, spins, and foot holds.

Prerequisite requirement: Three pull ups in a row

Intro to Aerial Silks (Beginner)

This aerial silks class is for everyone from first timers to student still working on climbing! In this class, we’ll begin with conditioning movement on the ground and on the silks, work flexibility and then hop on the silks to learn climbing skills, inversion foundations and 2-3 new tricks in the air, including Russian climbs, French climbs, straddle back on a knotted silk, hip keys and foot locks . Please wear leggings and a bodysuit or a shirt that you can tuck into your pants.

Intermediate Aerial Silks

This aerial silks class is for intermediate students! In this class, you’ll build upon foundations learned in the beginner class and begin to work on drops, rolls and intermediate movement such as wheel downs, beats, and teardrop climb.

Please wear leggings and a bodysuit or a shirt that you can tuck into your pants.


Intro to Lyra (Hoop)

The lyra is a large metal aerial hoop that hangs about 5 feet off of the ground. This class is designed for people who are brand new to lyra. The main focus of the class is to help students build strength and flexibility to properly mount the lyra and maintain balance through core conditioning and active flexibility exercises. Additionally, students will learn to invert and move through various low bar poses in the lyra such as Lady on the Moon, Mermaid, Posse, Arabesque, and many more. Progressions will be offered as students master each pose!

Attire: Please wear yoga pants, a tank top, and socks to make sure your body is covered during the class.


Intermediate Lyra (Hoop)

In intermediate lyra, students will continue building core strength and flexibility and begin learning more advanced mounts and poses. We will explore balancing in the hoop, and move through splits, drops, and rolls. Students will also begin working on poses on the high bar. Students may also try poses on a spinning lyra. This class is appropriate for students who can properly invert low bar and are comfortable with all the basic mounts.

Attire: Please wear yoga pants, a tank top, and socks to make sure your body is covered during the class.


Active Flexibility Training (All Levels)

In this Active Flexibility class, we'll develop flexibility and mobility using a mixture of active flexibility techniques, building and strengthening the muscular system in order to support a deepening range of motion through the body. Each 75 minute class is organized around a focus on either splits or backbends. In classes focused on splits, we'll work strength, mobility and active flexibility through the hamstrings, quads, calves, hip flexors and glute muscles. In classes geared towards backbends, we'll work on opening the hips in isolation of the lower back, shoulders mobility, internal rotation through the shoulders and strengthening glutes to support bridge pose.

This class is all levels but new students and beginners should understand that this is not a yoga flow. Students tend to sweat quickly because of the incorporation of strength work which is an essential element of the active flexibility programming. If you are an extra sweaty student, please bring a small hand towel to use.

Acrobatic Floorwork

Time to take your practice to the floor! This beginner level acrobatic & floorwork combination class will begin with mobility work and cardio games to get your joints and muscles warm and ready to work. From there, we will move into basic tumbling, including forward rolls, handstands, headstands, elbow stands, backwards rolls, cartwheels and gymnastics variation of these movements. We will finish with strength conditioning and cool down that's sure to leave you ready for more! This all-levels class is for any adult interested in working on gymnastic and acrobatic fundamentals. Absolutely no previous experience is required, although every skill will come with modifications for more advanced students and those ready to take their training to the next level.