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Our instructors are some of the best in the world - seriously! We have best in class instructors and the quality of their teaching is unparalleled. Learn from top champions with years of experience at every class level.
Train and learn from the best at Oakland Pole & Dance.


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Amy Bond

Pole, Lyra, Aerial Silks, Handstands, Flexibility, Pole Choreography, Russian Exotic

Amy Bond is the owner and founder of Oakland & San Francisco Pole and Dance. She has been competing in PSO level events since 2012, when she entered her first competition and did a back walkover right off the stage! Amy has been teaching pole and aerial for over 4 years and opened San Francisco Pole and Dance in May, 2016.

Amy has competed in 8 competitions to date. She is the 2016 semi-pro Pole Theatre Pole Comedy division winner, and also competed in the 2017 Pole Theatre Pole Comedy professional division. She has performed around San Francisco in everything from So You Think You Can Lapdance, where she won season III, episode 7 and won second in the season III finale, to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

She teaches pole, lyra, aerial silks, gymnastics, and sexy choreography. When asked which one she likes the most, it’s the artistic and performance side of pole dancing. She can’t wait to share it with you!


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Karri Mae Becker

Pole, Lyra, Twerk, Hott Seat, Sexy Choreography

A NASM Certified Personal Trainer and ACE and AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Karri taught several different class formats in fitness centers in across Northern Virginia and now in San Francisco. As an extension of her fitness training Karri was introduced to pole fitness 11 years ago and quickly became dedicated to the sport of pole fitness.

She has been teaching and performing pole fitness for over 10 years and opened her own pole fitness studio – Pole Pressure® of Leesburg in 2009. Karri owned a successful Pole Pressure® Studio in Northern Virginia for 4 years before closing its doors to relocate to San Francisco where she continues to spread the love of pole. Currently, Karri is the General Manager of Oakland Pole and Dance in addition to her duties as a Regional Group Fitness Manager for Crunch Gyms in San Francisco. 

In addition, Karri has the following ventures…
Founder, CirqFIT Aerial Instructor Certification 
Founder, Aerial Arts Association
Founder, Aerial Hoop Tricks
Founder, Pole Trick of the Day


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Aurora Rose

Pole, Lyra, Sexy Choreography, Russian Exotic, Hott Seat, Flexibility, Straps

Aurora lives a life of screwing the patriarchy one seven inch heel at a time. They are genderfluid and genderqueer and believe that dance helps people find and express their truest self. They have spent their life studying dance, martial arts, Chinese medicine, and movement. They are a proud feminist and can be found performing in San Francisco and Oakland most weekends.

As the poet Warsan Shire says: “I belong deeply to myself.”


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Maxine Anderson

Pole, Lyra, Sexy Choreography, Hott Seat

Max teaches Pole and Lyra and is a CirqFIT Master Trainer, which is a Lyra instructor training program. She has a background in accounting and finance and is the Financial Manager of Aerial Arts Association. She is also passionate about health and fitness through aerial arts, especially making them accessible to every body.


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Elizabeth Keyes Blanchard

Pole, Tricks Clinic, Aerial Straps, Lyra, Contortion

Elizabeth is a Kinesiologist and aerialist; a cast member of EmCirque performance group, Oscillations dance company and a traveling instructor.   An educational background focusing on biomechanics with emphasis on developing personal movement Elizabeth focuses on proper body alignment for optimal sport performance and injury prevention. Dedicated and passionate about pole and aerial she is eager to share her knowledge and training with others.  Her goal is to teach and instill proper technique, confidence, motivation and love for all things pole and aerial related in everyone she works with.

effie13382 -2.jpg

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Efstratia Mantzouranis


For as long as she can remember, dance has been a part of Effie’s life. Beginning dance training at quite a young age, lead Effie to be accepted into the dance program at a magnet school with a concentration in the arts . This performing arts-focused environment exposed her to the fundamentals of dance; ballet, tap, modern, and contemporary dance. As a teen, Effie began training in Hip hop under Zedric Bembry and joined his Miami-based dance team, Live in Color; where she danced for 3 years. She has since expanded her repertoire to include styles from many places around the world. Some styles and places include Hip Hop, Afro-fusion house, and floorwork from New York, Jamaican Dancehall, Brazilian Samba and Funk, and intensive trainings in heels with Pro choreographers and dancers, Galen Hooks and Aisha Francis.

Having relocated from the East coast to California, Effie now resides in the Bay Area, leading weekly classes and workshops in various studios between San Francisco and Oakland. Her signature style of movement and instruction draws from all of her previous dance training, combined with an emphasis on sensual movement to fully express raw and untamed femininity. She is the creator and lead instructor of Qweendom Heels and Run the Twerk. Both are focused on highlighting feminine beauty, sensuality, and empowerment through the release of shame surrounding the body and sexuality. Effie is a strong believer that our sexual nature is a source of creative power. She encourages all people to connect and express their femininity, which facilitates a way to recognize and build a fierce sense of self love and confidence through unrepressed movement.


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Teresa Li

Pole, Sexy Choreography

Teresa’s pole journey started in 2015. She loves all aspects of pole but instantly fell in love with exotic pole after taking a workshop with Eva Bembo. Teresa is known for her effortless, fluid movements and beautiful musicality. She is a performer with Hubba Hubba Revenue and has performed across the Bay Area. She is a sliver medalist at PSO Golden Gate pole championship 2019 Exotic L4. She won 2nd place at Exotic Generation USA in New Face Category. Grab your heels and let’s dance.


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Yoko Taketani

Pole, Sexy Choreography

Yoko Taketani has been a classical ballerina from the age of six. She began pole dance training at Studio Polish, Tokyo, in 2009, and has been instructing since 2010. Yoko’s pole performances include Pole Dance All Stars 2013, Japan Pole Exhibition 2014; Miss Pole Dance Japan 2012&2014; US National Championship 2013; Pole Theatre Sydney 2014; Pole Classic at Pole Expo 2015; Pole Theatre Japan 2015 and 2017 Guest Performance and the Felix Cane Pole Championships 2015 and 2017. 


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Nate James

Aerial Straps, Aerial Silks, Lyra, Flexibility, Handstands

Nate James began his journey as a self-taught student of the world, chasing dreams of grandeur! His experience is primarily in aerial and flexibility, however he finds other circus disciplines and extra curricular activities keep him well rounded in his practice. He has a well rounded background, as well, from opera and musical theater, to drag and improv, to fully fledged circus freak working as a free lance artist, and for a small touring company called The Ramos Bros Circus. He moved to Budapest, HU for a year to pursue his dreams, where he studied, taught, and performed aerial at Baross Imre school of acrobatics and the Fővárosi Nagycirkusz (Hungarian National Circus). He most recently finished a contract as an aerialist with Cirque du Soleil in the DR.

Currently he is in the Bay Area training and creating!!! He’s excited to share with, and learn from you!


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Sable Stewart

Lyra, Aerial Silks

Sable is in love with movement. They began their affair with performing as a teenager practicing street theater and object manipulation, and made it official when they attended the New England Center for Circus Arts as part of the Professional Track Program. They founded and now co-own Esh Circus Arts, Boston's premier circus school, and have performed on stages up and down the continent, from intimate experimental shows to big-budget touring circus spectacular. In 2011, they were awarded Best Artistic Performance at the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival in Denver, CO. They incorporate their ongoing training as a Feldenkrais practitioner into their body-mechanically-focused teaching style. Sable loves the depth of understanding that comes from teaching movement arts to both professionals and recreational students, and they constantly look forward to the interaction and inspiration that come from working with their students. 


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Rodney James

Pole, Chair

I am the sole owner and creator of ”The Mojo Technique “ Burlesque Beat Dance Fitness Programs. I am the director/producer of my own home fitness DVDs.

My passion and experience for dance fitness spans 25 years. I am one of Australia’s most respected, sought after, highly qualified dance fitness instructors .I have been involved in countless events, performances and International theatre productions, such as West Side Story, Miss Saigon, My Fair Lady, Anything Goes and Cats to name a few. I have appeared with many high profile performing artists such as Kylie Minogue, Belinda Carlisle, Nicole Kidman and Caroline O'Connor.

As a featured dancer in Baz Lurhman’s famous International film, Moulin Rouge, I was selected to join Caroline O’Connor and Nicole Kidman in New York at Anna Wintour's Vogue Magazine launch.

I hold dance workshops all over the world as well as judge high-level International Pole dancing competitions. I am also an entertainer and perform in a variety of venues and special events including the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

I have gained respect and appreciation from the cream of pole and exotic dance studios across Australia, USA, Asia, UK and Europe. I have judged successful pole dance competitors to become winners in their chosen fields.
In the last 3 years, I have gained respect and appreciation from the cream of exotic dance and pole fitness studios across Australia, USA, Asia, UK and Europe.


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Victoria LeBrun

Pole, Sexy Choreography

I began pole dancing 4 years ago and it very quickly became my passion and therapy; I want to bring that same life changing joy to others. My goal is for my students to safely build strength, feel sexy, gain confidence, flexibility, and create new friendships all while having the time of their life.
Don’t get in the way of your own potential, let’s do this!


Tiffany Mockler Rose

Pole, Hott Seat and Sexy Choreography

Tiffany Rose Mockler is a former National Champion for Synchronized Swimming and found Pole Dance in 2010. She has competed and performed around the world. She is the current Pole Championship Series Silver Medalist and a cast member in Tonya Kay’s Pin Up Pole Show in Los Angeles. She is also a online instructor for Cleo’s Rockin’ Pole and teaches in both Northern and Southern California. She loves sharing the art of Pole dance with others.


Nanie Parker

Pole, Sexy Choreography

“Nanie” took her first pole dancing class in August of 2015 and immediately fell in love with the world of pole! She decided to try pole dancing to get fit and healthy in a fun and supportive environment. Even though she didn’t have any formal dance experience or training, she chose to try pole because unlike a lot of ‘conventional sports’ the pole dancers she encountered were buff, though, and super confident, which is the change she felt she needed! Passion turned into partnership and Nanie has been instructing Pole and Dance for the past three years. She is also a certified Barre instructor, and is passionate about the mind-body connection.


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Devon Mitchell


Devon is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Pole Dance Instructor. She wasn’t involved in a lot of sports you would typically be involved in in high school, but found her passion in Pole Dance when she was a senior in high school. She has been doing pole for over 5 years now. 

Pole Dancing has changed Devon’s life. With the past 4 years of teaching Pole Fitness, she has learned to work with all types of people to help them reach their fitness and dance goals. She takes pride in creating an encouraging, motivational, fun environment when teaching classes and working one-on-one. Devon wants to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin while also helping them become the best version of themselves.

Devon lived in Reno, NV up until the end of 2018 when she moved to the Bay Area to pursue personal training and explore the amazing pole opportunities the Bay has to offer. She is very excited to be a part of the Oakland Pole and Dance Team. Along with teaching pole dancing, Devon works at Equinox Berkeley as a Personal Trainer.

Keeva headshot.jpg

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Keeva Shae

Pole, Sexy Choreography

Keeva Shae began pole dancing five years ago in Los Angeles at Be Spun Pole Studio. She is a former competitive power tumbler and gymnast, and is happy her 11 years of competitive gymnastic skills can still be put to use! She has competed in several PSO competitions and has won in both the dramatic and exotic categories. Her favorite part of teaching pole is witnessing her students come into themselves and fully let go - finding their own unique movement within their body.


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Mikal Smith

Pole, Twerk

Mikal started his pole journey 2 years ago after a New Year’s resolution brought him stumbling into classes with SFPD’s Karri Becker, and fell in love instantly with the unique combination of dance, gymnastics, and fitness. Hours of classes, performances, and competitions later, Mikal is excited to share his childlike energy and excitement for pole & dance with SFPD. Coming from a background of dance (hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom) and a brief stint in gymnastics, he is thrilled to sweat and laugh with the SFPD team & students.


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Madeline Taussig


Madeline discovered the aerial community in 2012 while studying in Chicago. After attending pole classes for 4 years she decided to take a break and move back to her home town, San Francisco. She stumbled into SFPD with the full intention of taking up pole again, but ended up unexpectedly falling in love with lyra. She has been training lyra, straps, and flexibility for the past 2 years, becoming a CirqFit Certified Hoop Instructor in 2019. 


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Kissy Wan

Pole and Aerial Hoop

Kissy started her aerial life with both feet on the floor. With encouragement from Karri, she took flight in the hoop 3 years ago and became a certified CirqFit instructor 2 years ago. Kissy’s actually terrified of heights, but she overcomes her fear one foot off the ground at time! Her biggest accomplishment was competing in Aerial Arts Association- Fog City competition and placing in the the top 10; as well as competing in PSO- GGPC and placing 3rd in LV 2 Dramatic.


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Andrei Fenix

Aerial Straps

Ninja by day, Engineer/Designer by night, Andrei Fenix is a multidisciplinary movement artist based in San Francisco. He began training in various eastern martial arts at age 4, and as a teenager discovered a love for Dance, Parkour, and various Circus Arts. 

With a passion for technique, he is able to combine various movement modalities by drawing from the root similarities of each art, which lends a unique and primal flow to his work. This diverse background, along with over a decade of teaching experience, allows him to communicate the intricacies of both concept and application to his students, whether they are fresh off the street, or or born and raised to the Art.


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Walker Staples

Acrobatics and Handstands

Walker is an acrobat, freerunner, traceur, fire eater, and juggler with nearly a decade of experience teaching movement arts. His style combines traditional Chinese Acrobatic floorwork and tumbling with Western-style parkour, circus, and comedic acrobatics. With a strong background working in Social Circus, his chief passion in life is making circus arts accessible to everyone, regardless of age, experience, or gender. Since moving from a life of freelance performance and education in the Northeast 3 years ago, Walker, currently teaches and performs with Athletic Playground, Circus Smirkus, and Prescott Circus. 


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Sierra Camille

Aerial Silks

Sierra grew up talking too loud and taking up as much space as possible in Santa Rosa, California. After wading in the worlds of dance and theater, she found circus to be a place that embraced her poignant skills as a physical theater artist, aerialist, and clown. An avid collaborator, Sierra is co-founder of Levity Aerial Troupe and Skytopia Aerial Arts where she shares her love of aerial art with kids and adults. Specializing in silks and physical theater, Sierra takes characters up into the air. Audiences have called her “an electrifying beam of positivity and happiness in this cynical world”. Sierra earned a BFA degree in theater performance and a certificate in nonprofit management from Southern Oregon University. She’s currently talking loudly and dancing about in Oakland, CA.


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Angel Marie


Aerial SilksAngel is a big personality from a small town in Pennsylvania and moved to the West Coast in 2003. She has taught Hip Hop, breakdance, and gymnastics throughout the Bay Area for over a decade and began pole in 2014 when a friend was selling her matte black 50mm static pole and asked, "Do you want it? I think you would like it!' Purchased. Hooked. Done.

Four months later she did her first pole competition and has since competed with PSO and various organizations from Level 1 to Level 5 including Championship, Dramatic, Emtertainment, and Low Flow. Next up, Exotic and Freedance!

Angel loves the variety of styles, interests, body types, and backgrounds that pole supports and helps flourish. There is something for everyone and she can't wait to help YOU find what you love about pole!


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Mick Glenn

Flexibility, Handstands and Acrobatics

A passion for physical expression drove Mick into a life of devised theatre. In his early 20's Mick realized he needed something that challenged him further. In 2014 Mick transitioned into circus and has never looked back! Mick's first circus loves were handbalancing and acrobatics, and over time he has also explored dance, trampoline, tumbling, parkour, and tricking. As Mick's circus journey continues, he's explored the idea of returning to performance, but surprised himself with his love of teaching. As everyone has a unique body coupled with unique goals, Mick embraces the vast possibilities for growth offered through acrobatic training.


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Amica Mercado

Aerial Silks

Amica grew up as a ballet dancer and transitioned into a competitive cheerleader in high school and college. About 4 years ago, she took a pole class while on vacation in the Philippines and was mesmerized with the circus world! As soon as she got back to the Bay Area, she stumbled upon an aerial silks studio and fell in love with the apparatus. She’s been doing aerial silks since then, as well as exploring other circus forms such as lyra and straps.


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Sarah Stonerock


Sarah has been experimenting with movement art since the time that she was young. Her journey began with competitive gymnastics. She had a blast traveling up and down the west coast competing as a young person in state and regional championships.  Her passion for gymnastics transferred into a love for dance and performance in her teenage and young adult years. She attended UCLA for college where she minored in dance.  During this time, Sarah performed in shows and taught gymnastics and acro dance classes.  While living in Los Angeles, Sarah stumbled upon a Circus school in Hollywood. This is where her love for all things aerial began. 

Presently, Sarah is a mother to three wonderful children. It has been a true joy for her to return to her love of movement as her children get older. She recently completed her 200 Hour Yoga certification as well as her Cirqfit Lyra teacher training.  She has continued her lifelong training in gymnastics and dance, but she has added a new found passion for Lyra and Pole dancing over the past two years. Her true passion is helping people discover the joy and true serenity that comes from creating art with your body. She is also passionate about helping people work around their injuries and limitations. 


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Layla Tripod


Coming from a background of classical dance training, Layla has been pointing her toes her whole life. At a local variety show, she saw her first live aerial silks act, and signed up for classes the next day. She has been training obsessively in circus arts since.

Layla started her circus infatuation with tissu but has since expanded to train lyra (aerial hoop), straps, contortion loops and traditional Mongolian contortion. Known for fusing her technique-focused background with ethereal movement and expression, Layla is haunting to watch in the air or on the ground.