Our Team

Our instructors are some of the best in the world - seriously! We have best in class instructors and the quality of their teaching is unparalleled. Learn from top champions with years of experience at every class level.
Train and learn from the best at Oakland Pole & Dance.


Amy Bond

Pole, Lyra, Aerial Silks, Handstands, Flexibility, Pole Choreography, Russian Exotic


Karri Mae Becker

Pole, Lyra, Twerk, Hott Seat, Sexy Choreography


Aurora Rose

Pole, Lyra, Sexy Choreography, Russian Exotic, Hott Seat, Flexibility, Straps


Maxine Anderson

Pole, Lyra, Sexy Choreography, Hott Seat


Elizabeth Keyes Blanchard

Pole, Tricks Clinic, Aerial Straps, Lyra, Contortion


Yoko Taketani

Pole, Sexy Choreography


Allison Hudson

Pole, Sexy Choreography


Nate James

Aerial Straps, Aerial Silks, Lyra, Flexibility, Handstands


Sable Stewart

Lyra, Aerial Silks


Victoria LeBrun

Pole, Sexy Choreography


Tiffany Mockler Rose

Pole, Hott Seay and Sexy Choreography


Katie Wilkerson



Mikal Smith

Pole, Twerk


Arthur Hong

Aerial Straps


Kissy Wan

Pole and Aerial Hoop


Andrei Fenix

Aerial Straps


Walker Staples

Acrobatics and Handstands