Guest Instructors

Pole & Dance Guest Instructors are folks who tend to be seasoned performers, teachers and/or celebrated aerial or flexibility artists who are passing through the Bay Area temporarily. Often these instructors are coming through SF for some time or are travelling to do our Guest Instructor program, wherein they stay at Amy’s house and teach specialty classes/sub regular classes at the studios. These instructors generally stay for 1-4 weeks as Guest Instructors, taking on regular classes and teaching regularly scheduled classes paid at Instructor rates ($40-$60 per class). 

Guest Instructors Hiring Process

  1. Guest instructors apply by filling out this Google form on our website. Once we receive this form, the management team will decide if the Guest Instructor is a good fit  for taking on some of our regularly scheduled classes. Together, the management team will work with the Guest Instructor to determine days of stay and which classes the guest instructor will teach.

  2. From there, the Studio Manager will include the Guest Instructor in all marketing materials (IG and Newsletter) for the 7 weeks prior to Guest Instructor coming to the studio.

  3. Guest Instructor must show proof of employment eligibility and complete an onboarding session with the studio manager before teaching their first class at Pole & Dance studios. 

Payment and Logistics

  • When guest instructors are brought on temporarily, they are considered independent contractors and paid as such through our payroll processing system, Zenefits. 

  • All payments are issued during our normally scheduled payrolls runs, which occur twice per month on the 1st or 15th of the month or on the last business day before those dates if the 1st or 15th falls on a weekend or holiday.

  • All Guest Instructors must be legally allowed to work in the United States and must show proof of employment uploaded to Zenefits during onboarding before the Guest Instructor begins working. 

  • Note, we do not pay for plane tickets or lodging for Guest Instructors. We do agree to keep a room open at Amy’s house for Guest Instructors to stay at during the course of their teaching residency at Pole & Dance studios.