Aerial/Pole/Flexibility Instructor

Pole & Dance Studio instructors are the heart of our studios. Incoming instructors with at least 1+ years of experience may be brought onto the team right away. Pole & Dance Studio Instructors should embody the Studio Manifesto and set the Manifesto as the expectation and tone of their studio by demonstrating our values and upholding community. This person should be highly motivated by building cohesive communities and enjoy creating connection with students inside of class and have experience using social media to promote classes online. 

Instructor hours vary - classes generally run between 5-9pm on weekdays and 10am-3pm on weekends and we have 60+ classes per week. We do hold some classes outside of these hours - morning classes on Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:45-9am and some afternoon classes on Fridays, but instructors should not apply if they are not available during these regular class hours.  This role reports the Studio General Manager. 

The Skill Set.

  • 1+ years working in a teaching position.

  • Friendly personality - you genuinely enjoy being around people and are a connector of humans.

  • Patience explaining information and ability to break down tricks in tiny, bite size chunks of information 

  • Comfortability with technology such as Slack and Email on a daily basis (most of our internal communication is online - which can be difficult for some who are not used to using email/tech for communicating. If online communication is not something you enjoy, this is likely not a good fit.

  • Experience with, or capacity to learn, MindBody for checking students in 

  • Ability to execute tricks and transitions that you will be teaching, with technically correct form and the ability to explain the technical excellence of form (often small adjustments that have a big impact) in a clear and direct manner.

Within 1 month, you’ll…

  • Audition as an Instructor with our current Studio GM or Amy, the owner

  • Read the Instructor Studio Handbook for Pole & Dance Studios

  • Become familiar with the studio: apparatuses, facilities, appliances, etc.

  • Complete a studio Onboarding with the Studio General Manager and complete a building/studio tour to address emergency situations (blood borne pathogens, when the elevator breaks, what to do if someone falls, etc.)

  • Get to know the instructors who work during your shifts

  • Start learning the names, pronouns, and curriculum preferences of members and regular students 

  • Take a few introductory classes to get a sense of our offerings (optional)

Within 3 months, you’ll…

  • Have a sound knowledge of the classes we offer and our staff

  • Compete our quarterly New Hire Onboarding (est. 3 hours) and Dinner with other new hires

  • Be invited to optional Continuing Education sessions with Lead Instructors

  • Gone out to coffee with our Studio General Manager to provide on the ground feedback about studio updates or changes you’d like to see in the Studio

Within 6 Months, You’ll….

  • Be invited to the Pole & Dance annual party

Within 1 Year, You’ll…

  • Have the opportunity to become a Pole & Dance "Star Instructor" in which you can mentor new instructors into the team through skill education, studio guidance and constructive teaching feedback

  • Have the opportunity to assist in training new instructors from the mentorship program