Internal Instructor Hire/Mentorship Track

Pole & Dance Studio Instructors are the heart of our studios. Our studios often promote from within and students can become instructors through our mentorship program. The internally hired instructor should love studying pole dance and want to take it to the next level. No previous teaching experience is required; students will be trained in the class structure of the Pole & Dance brand. Our program provides mentorship and curriculum development training. 

All Pole & Dance Studio Instructors should embody the Studio Manifesto and set the Manifesto as the expectation and tone of their studio by demonstrating our values and upholding community. Instructor hours vary - classes generally run between 5-9pm on weekdays and 10am-3pm on weekends and we have 60+ classes per week. This role reports the Studio General Manager. 

The Hiring Process

Current students who have never taught before should email with a cover letter and pole relevant resume to be considered for our mentorship track. 

Once selected, the student will…

  • Observe 1 class session from the viewpoint of an instructor and then write up observations based off of the Instructor Evaluation Sheet and share with the Studio Manager.

  • Shadow an instructor for 2 sessions - follow the instructor around for the whole class to see exactly what corrections and spots are given. Write observations in 2 paragraphs and share with us.

  • Co-teach for 5 sessions: the mentee leads the introductions and warm up and then teaches one or two portions of class and watches as Star Instructor walks them through spotting/teaching other elements. Write observations and share with the Studio General Manager via a shared Google doc where mentee captures all learnings and General Studio Manager provides feedback.

  • Take a "final exam": the mentee teaches a whole class and either GM, owner, or Star Instructor observes and fills out the Instructor Evaluation Sheet.

From there, the mentee is either a) approved for subbing a select number of classes or taking on new classes if the schedule calls for it, or b) not approved for subbing (does not pass the final exam) with the potential to continue being mentored until approved (passes the exam).