The Studio General Manager (SGM)

The Studio Manager is the conductor of a Pole & Dance studio location. The SGM straddles several departments and roles; Instructor scheduling, Mindbody setup, Support Team management, HR, and operations. The SGM ensures that staff show up on time and are trained properly, that students receive a positive and consistent experience, and that the studio is clean, orderly, and stocked with anything necessary to function. The SGM should do all these things by empowering and training their employees to excel at their jobs and be excellent at delegation and setting expectations. 

The SGM should embody the studio Manifesto and set the Manifesto as the expectation and tone of their studio by demonstrating our values and upholding community.  This person should be highly motivated by building cohesive communities and should also enjoy working autonomously. 

SGM hours are typically from 2-7:30pm Monday through Friday and one weekend day from 10am-2pm. This role reports directly to the CEO.

The Skill Set.

  • 1+ years working in a Community building capacity

  • Experience directing front desk staff, facility maintenance teams, contractors, classes, and instructors

  • Strong project management and organizational skills

  • Experience setting short term (semi-monthly) and long term (3 month) OKRs to develop process documentation and plan for future improvements and expansion to assist curriculum and brand growth as Pole & Dance moves into new markets.

  • Maintain a positive relationship between clients, members, parties and the studio through empathy-driven communication

  • 2+ years tracking key business metrics 

  • Budget management to avoid wasteful spending and invest in talent and scale

  • 1+ years overseeing payroll and budget

  • 1+ years managing customer facing staff

  • Experience identifying areas of revenue growth

  • Comfortable using and implementing modern technology (we use Google Drive, Slack, MindBody, NetGym)

Within 1 month, you’ll….

  • Spend one full week working at one of our current studios alongside the Front Desk Manager 

  • Spend two full work weeks working one on one with a Studio General Manager

  • Spend one week working one on one with Amy, the Founder, to get a higher level view of strategy development and setting your first quarters OKRs.   

  • Be able to run payroll

  • -Be comfortable using the internal tools: Slack, NetGym, and Drift

  • Shadow Carlos, our Cleaning Staff's shift once

  • Take one of each type of class at the studio (optional)

  • Launch and Develop social media platforms for marketing studio growth and offerings

Within 3 months, you’ll….

  • Define one high level process area to document in our Studio General Manager Handbook 

  • Make four or more recommendations to current management about gaps in our current process and lead brainstorming sessions to address these gaps 

  • Shadow coffee dates and classes with each of the Studio General Managers to get a sense of how the Pole and Dance brand addresses concerns and areas of improvement at a facilities level and staff level

  • Shadow one audition session to get an understanding of how we audition external hires and work to develop consistent experience across our studio's curriculum offerings

  • Lead one audition session and lead the hiring process for four new hires at the new studio that you will be managing, working directly with Amy, the Founder

  • Learn how to set up memberships, classes, workshops, series and pricing using our billing and scheduling system, MindBody’s, backend

  • Develop forecasting metrics based on historical data for determining profitability deadlines

  • Shadow an instructor review and feedback session with a current SGM

  • Be comfortable explaining all studio and company policies, pricing, and class offerings

  • Be able to provide bookkeepers any monthly information they need

  • Be able to update and provide analysis of monthly Business Scorecard and KPIs

Within 6 months, you'll...

  • Follow our Hiring Process to hire and train 2 front desk managers (1 weekend/1 weekday) 

  • Set up memberships, classes, workshops, series and pricing using Mindbody backend for the new studio booking system

  • Develop the new studio website based largely on the Oakland Pole & Dance Squarespace site to launch our newest location's online presence

  • Work one on one with Karri and Josh to learn how to track Business metrics and create a Business Metrics dashboard for your location's studio metrics tracking

  • Assist / Shadow in the implementation of a current studio’s Student Showcase

Within One Year, you'll....

  • Hire a full Instructor and Front Desk Manager team for weekends and weekdays and transitioned to a substitute teacher role only.

  • Run business reports and make suggestions for increasing programming and margins for your studio 

  • Joined a local business networking group for personal growth and networking 

  • Created programming around parties and scheduling for visiting guest instructors 

  • Planned all marketing and events for the following fiscal year and plans for following through 

  • Develop OKRs and attend management staff retreats for OKR and goal setting