Katie Wilkerson

Katie Nicole is a multidisciplinary performer and artist, based out of San Francisco, CA.  Her inclination for dramatic choreography, combined with her childlike innocence,  have audiences falling in love across the globe.

 Miss Katie began her aerial journey in 2012, falling head over heels for aerial hoop.  Not long after, she found a fondness to dance trapeze, duo trapeze/aerial hoop, as well as bending over backward and grabbing her ankles occasionally.

 Katie has worked under notable names such as Rachel Strickland, Megan Wegg, Catie Brier, Rachel Walker, Serchmaa Byamba, and Elena Panova.  She has performed with Cirque Du Soleil, and is an approved artist of Cirque Eloize.

 Not only does Katie dazzle an audience, she is also an instructor to the willing in aerial hoop, advanced flexibility, and aerial conditioning.  


Performance Videos